Discover Humberside Airport: Gateway to the Beautiful English Countryside

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Lincolnshire countryside, Humberside Airport (HUY) provides a convenient and pleasant travel experience for passengers flying to and from the region. With a rich history, a range of airlines, and unique features that set it apart from other airports, HUY is the perfect starting point for your journey. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a closer look at Humberside Airport’s history, airlines, lounges, terminals, nearby hotels, and more.

A Storied History: Humberside Airport Through the Years

Humberside Airport was first established as a Royal Air Force (RAF) base during World War II. Known as RAF Kirmington, the base was primarily used for bomber operations throughout the conflict. After the war, the airfield was used for various purposes, including motor racing, until it was eventually transformed into a commercial airport in the early 1970s.

Today, Humberside Airport has evolved into a regional hub that serves both domestic and international destinations. Its convenient location and continued growth make it an important asset to the local economy and a valuable resource for travellers.

Airlines and Destinations: Fly to and from HUY with Ease

Humberside Airport is served by a range of airlines, offering a variety of routes to suit the needs of its passengers. Some of the airlines that operate at HUY include:

  • Eastern Airways: With its headquarters at Humberside Airport, Eastern Airways operates flights to and from Aberdeen, Belfast City, and Norwich.
  • KLM: The Dutch airline provides daily flights between HUY and Amsterdam Schiphol, allowing passengers to easily connect to a vast global network of destinations.
  • TUI: Seasonal charter flights to popular holiday destinations in Spain, Portugal, and Greece are operated by TUI during the summer months.

Unique Features: What Sets Humberside Airport Apart

One of the most unique aspects of Humberside Airport is its commitment to providing an exceptional level of customer service. The airport’s compact size and friendly staff ensure a smooth and efficient journey for passengers, with minimal queues and waiting times.

Another notable feature of HUY is its Nightel Express Lounge. This exclusive space offers passengers a comfortable and relaxing environment in which to unwind before their flight, with complimentary Wi-Fi, refreshments, and a range of business facilities.

Terminals and Lounges: Navigating Humberside Airport

Humberside Airport has one main terminal building, which is easily accessible and straightforward to navigate. The terminal is home to a variety of amenities, including a café, a duty-free shop, and car rental services. The aforementioned Nightel Express Lounge is also located within the terminal, offering a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the main departure area.

Nearby Hotels: Stay Close to HUY for a Comfortable Pre-Flight Experience

For travellers seeking a convenient place to stay before or after their flight, there are several hotels in close proximity to Humberside Airport. Some of the best options include:

  • Nightel Hotel: Situated directly on the airport grounds, the Nightel Hotel offers modern, comfortable rooms and a range of amenities, including a 24-hour reception and a fitness centre.
  • Hampton by Hilton Humberside Airport: This newly built hotel is just a short walk from the terminal, offering stylish rooms, a fitness centre, and a complimentary breakfast.
  • Best Western Grimsby Oaklands Hall Hotel: Located a short drive from the airport, this charming country house hotel offers a tranquil setting amidst picturesque gardens, with elegant rooms and an on-site restaurant.

What To See And Where To Eat In the Humberside Area

Humberside offers a rich blend of history, culture, and natural beauty that is sure to captivate any visitor. One must-see attraction is The Deep, an awe-inspiring, futuristic aquarium located in Hull. Home to over 5,000 species of marine life, The Deep provides an immersive experience that will leave you mesmerized.

Another notable site is the Hull Old Town, a charming area filled with cobbled streets, historic buildings, and fascinating museums such as Hull Maritime Museum and Hull’s Museum Quarter. Don’t miss the chance to stroll around Hull Marina, where you can admire stunning yachts and take in the picturesque views of the Humber Estuary.

When it comes to dining and drinking, Humberside boasts a diverse array of options to suit every palate. For an unforgettable dining experience, try 1884 Wine & Tapas Bar, which offers a modern twist on classic tapas alongside an extensive wine list. If you’re in the mood for traditional British fare, head to The Old House or The Lion and Key, both located in Hull’s historic Old Town.

For those craving international flavors, Hull offers a variety of ethnic cuisines, including Italian, Indian, and Thai. Be sure to visit the bustling Humber Street, lined with trendy bars, cafes, and eateries, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely meal or drink.

If you’re looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Humberside, you won’t be disappointed. Begin your evening with a trip to Hull’s Fruit Market area, which has transformed into a lively cultural hub in recent years. Here, you’ll find a mix of art galleries, craft shops, and lively bars like Humber Street Distillery Co. and Atom Brewing Co.

For a night of dancing, head to The Welly Club, Hull’s iconic live music venue and nightclub, or try The Piper, a popular spot among locals and visitors alike. No matter your preference, Humberside offers an eclectic mix of experiences that will make your visit truly memorable.

Discover Humberside Airport: Gateway to the Beautiful English Countryside
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Airport Codes

Humberside Airport is identified by the IATA code HUY and the ICAO code EGNJ. These codes are used by airlines, air traffic control, and other aviation organisations to identify the airport in their systems and communications.

To stay up-to-date with the latest news, flight schedules, and other essential information about Humberside Airport, it’s a good idea to visit the airport’s official website at Here, you can find information on parking, airport facilities, flight status updates, and more.

Your Journey Awaits: Experience Humberside Airport for Yourself

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, Humberside Airport provides a convenient and enjoyable gateway to the beautiful English countryside and beyond. With a range of airlines, top-notch facilities, and nearby accommodations, HUY is the perfect starting point for your journey.

Ready to embark on your next adventure? Book a flight, reserve a hotel, or explore other airport-related services at Humberside Airport today. Your unforgettable travel experience awaits!

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